micro tattooing

Tattoo Walk-ins: yes but please call first, Tattoo parlors near me? Mayhem

We love you spur of the moment thinkers better know as tattoo walk-ins.   We will do our best to accommodate you based on artist availability and first come first serve.   If searching tattoo parlors near me Mayhem in Salem NH is 2 miles from Mass border, 30 min the Methuen & Lowell. 

what is a tattoo walk in?

Tattoo walk-ins near me? Yes.

Tattoo parlors near me? Yes.

Are tattoo shops open in NH? Yes, 

depending on who you ask! 

We can do same day tattoo but you need to call, book an apt. with small deposit to hold your spot with artists.   Please try to be prepared there are tons of "flash" on Google Images, Bing, and Pintress. 

North Andover, Methuen, or Lowell we are 30 min away in Salem NH.