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 Why Mayhem?  Voted #1 Tattoo Shop 2019.  Tattoo shops near me?  30 min. from Methuen & Lowell, right here in Salem NH. 

Mayhem Salem & Nashua Opens June 1st

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100% Customer Satisfaction 

Open tattoo shop

After 2 month of being closed down.....

We open all with rocking our new hair styles 

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By Katie 

Why Mayhem Tattoo?

We strive for excellence!

It can be scary & a bit overwhelming when searching for tattoo shops near me or tattoo near me! It is now more than "best tattoo artists", you need to be safe! At Mayhem we clean & when I say "we" I mean myself (biggest germ phoebe there is). We audit inks, booths, and throughout. We have incorporated all required steps due to the COVID-19. We met all but 2 of the State’s new requirements, creating visual signs for 6' social distancing & by appointment only. Can you still receive same day tattoo? Yes, but call first to confirm availability. 

Mayhem might be a new tattoo shop in Salem NH, but we are one of the oldest if not the oldest tattoo shop in NH, Mayhem Ink Tattoo founded Feb 4, 1994. We were voted #1 tattoo shop in Nashua NH & 6th out of the 88 tattoo shops in NH.  If you are in Methuen or Lowell take the ride to one of NH’s oldest tattoo shops "Mayhem", 

Our goal has always been 100% Customer Satisfaction. 

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Mayhem Tattoo Salem NH 

Meet Our Team of Artists

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Mayhem's tattoo shops:

Mayhem Tattoo, Salem's Artists:

Anthony, Katie, Justin, & Randy   

Mayhem Ink Tattoo, Nashua's Artists:

Bill, Erin, Luis, Niki, Jerrie, & Thomas

Searching tattoo shops near me or tattoo near me?

Mayhem Tattoo is within 30 min. of Methuen & Lowell, located within 2 miles of the Massachusetts' border. 

Tattoo Artist/BrowTech

We have Artists dedicated to Eyebrow Microblading & Eyebrow Tattooing.

Free consultation can be offered at both tattoo shops Salem & Nashua however, the actual session will be scheduled at our Nashua location which is within 45 minutes from Methuen & 30 minutes from Lowell. 

You can find additional information on our Brow-Tech page or www.eyebrowmicrobladingnh.com

Mastectomy Tattoo Artist 3D Nipple & Areola Tattoo

 NH Tattoo: 3D Areola Tattooing is a process which uses customized colors and advanced dimensional shading techniques to create an ultra-realistic nipple and areola. We are happy to bring this service to Salem NH. If you are in Methuen or Lowell and you are searching for tattoo shops near me that offer this service, we are under 30 min. away and the cost savings for the quality tattoo & service is worth the drive. Stop in at one of our tattoo shops in Salem or Nashua NH.