Mayhem Tattoo, tattooing since 1994!

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Black & Grey some original designs. tattoo places near me

If you are searching for tattoo places near me to get some new ink and you see Mayhem Tattoo but just are not sure because we do not have 100+ reviews give us some time. Jan. 2020, we opened our 2nd shop at 369 S Broadway Salem NH. Why Salem? We have 40% of our repeat customers driving in from Andover, Methuen, Lawrence and Lowell. We decided to split our team of 10 artists moving 4 to Salem. All artists are professional, experienced, & down to earth. At Mayhem we focus on a super clean, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere to make receiving your new tattoo an experience. 

Official Grand Opening: TBD

Mayhem Tattoo's Artist all have their favorite style of tattooing. They can do multiple styles of tattooing but just prefer a certain style or may know that one of the other artists will give you a better tattoo so don't be shocked if an artist’s passes and refers you to the next artist. This is how a Team of artists work together and make it all about you receiving the best tattoo.