COVID-19 TATTOO SHOPS - Mayhem's safety Policy & Procedure open tattoo shop

corona virus tattoo shops

Corona Virus closes NH Tattoo Shops

Tattoo Artists & staff are trained in blood-borne pathogen, cross contamination, & sterilization. What other businesses are doing now to help stop the spread of covid-19 we have been doing since 1994!  Covid-19 tattoo shops I feel is one of the safest places to be.  

We are within an hour from Boston & Lowell located in Salem NH 

May 4th Tattoo Shops are scheduled to be opened

To be added to our VIP list for a tattoo in May email us at: 

COVID-19 TATTOO SHOPS will be busy once open after being closed for 6-8 wks.  Mayhem Salem's VIP list for appointments, no deposit required.

Can you receive a tattoo in May or June?

YES!  The minute we are cleared to open, we will start reaching out to our VIP customers in Salem, North Andover, Boston, Lowell and all of NH.  Covid-19 Tattoo Shops closure  is almost over and our artist are excited to get back to work "safely". 


We will be waiving the appointment deposit until all on VIP list are tattooed.

Tattoo shops closed due to COVID-19 TATTOO SHOPS Closed until further notice 


COVID-19 TATTOO SHOPS have been closed since March 24th.   Once opened we will have our exposure process in place referencing OSHA Standards.   We welcome our Boston & Lowell customers and know if you feel ill you will stay home not to risk our Salem Artists. 


We opened our second location in Salem NH on Jan 28th.   We have been super excited to have a location closer to our Boston, North Andover, Methuen, Lawrence, Lowell tattoo customers.  

When Covid-19 tattoo shops were closed March 24th we trust that it was for the best & as painful as it was we locked the doors we just opened knowing when we reopened it would be a new world. 


will you be safe?

Mayhem Tattoo is more than likely one of the only covid-19 tattoo shops that were closed that wrote an exposure process to our Policy & Procedures.  

We are doing everything possible to keep our customers safe at Mayhem Tattoo Salem & Nashua NH.