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Mayhem Tattoo, Salem NH

Why mayhem?

We feature artists who have come together to provide an experience as memorable as the piece of art that will be brought to life on your skin. 

Our artists are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness, professionalism & artistry while in a relaxed & comfortable atmosphere. 

Mayhem Tattoo Shop

Mayhem Tattoo, Salem NH or Mayhem Ink Tattoo, Nashua NH

Hopefully,the following information will give you comfort in choosing Mayhem Tattoo Shop:

· Business Reg: 830553

· Certificate of Ins: Allstate/Tapco: 


·  Facility: Sterilized Daily w/ MADACIDE  

· Artist Booths: Sterilized after every client with MADACIDE

· Artist & NH License #:

· Anthony Sheehan #3305

· Randy King #3033

· Catherine Roberts #3075 

· Justin Swimm #3396

· Bill Quindley #3109

· Erin Kach #2050

· Luis Gonzalez #3421

· Niki Bogdan # 3410

· Jerry Hall #3267

· Charities: Suicide Prevention, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, NH Artist 4 Autism, Breast Cancer Awareness, NFFA

All NH tattoo shop should display all documents to make sure you know you are in one of NH best tattoo shops & you are safe. NH tattoo shop near me, Mayhem Salem NH

dragon tatoo

Tattoo by Anthony 

appointments, walk-ins, payments

Free Consultation:

By appointment only.

Tattoos that are valued at $500 & up.

Tattoo Appointment:

All appointments require a deposit unless you are a repeat customer & Artist/Mayhem waives.  

The deposit is applied towards the total cost of your new tattoo. 

 Deposits are NOT refundable. 

 We allow one schedule change with a 48 hour notice. 

Tattoo Walk-Ins:

Tattoo walk-ins 

Searching for tattoo shop near me that accepts tattoo walk-ins?

New Rules are being enforced per NH "Government": 

by appointments only. 

Can you still get same day tattoo at Mayhem?


Just call first to confirm Artist availability,

We may ask for a deposit which will go towards your tattoo. 

All Day Session:

All Day Sessions: $1000 

Artist will have your design 80% complete and review with you for final design change as needed. This will avoid the numerous emails back and forth. Also, it will help the artist capture what you are most passionate about and translate that into your tattoo. The All-Day session is usually 1 hour of design and 6-7 hours of tattoo time along with 2 breaks or more if you need them. The Artist will confirm if your tattoo will require additional time to complete at which time, we will carry your deposit for your second session. 

All Day Sessions Deposit: $250

We allow one to reschedule with a 72-hour notice. 

Touch Up Policy:


Artist want their work to reflect quality. After your tattoo has healed and if you notice that it may require a touch up please call us and we will schedule you in. Artist will usually book up on the weekends, but we do offer later night touch up appointment as needed. If you received a tattoo on an area, we do not guarantee please remember there is a minimum charge $65. 

Usually, your tattoo will not require a touch up but if it does call us at Mayhem Tattoo, Salem NH

Payment: Cash/Credit Card

Credit & Debit Cards:  $5.00 convenience fee with each transaction.  

Unfortunately, due to the charges we endure while accepting credit card payments we have no choice but to charge the convenience fee per transaction.   If you do not wish to pay the $5 fee please pay with cash. 

Mayhem Tattoo, Salem NH 

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